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C. Thomas Vangsness, Jr., M.D.


ACL Reconstruction & Meniscus Surgery

ACL and Meniscal tears in the knee are two of the most common orthopaedic injuries affecting patients of all ages. These injuries are very common among athletes.

Cartilage Repair

As the articular cartilage surfaces breaks down and degenerates in a joint, it can cause pain, stiffness and swelling.

Rotator Cuff Surgery

The rotator cuff is composed of four muscles (supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, and subscapularis) that originate from the shoulder blade (scapula) and insert by way of a common tendon on the upper arm (front, back and top of the humerus).

Shoulder Instability/ Impingement/Bursitis

Unlike the hip, which is a “ball and socket” joint, the shoulder joint is less of a socket and looks more like a “golf ball on a tee”, allowing it to move more than any other joint in the body.



Dr. Vangsness is a board certified orthopedic surgeon. Over his 35 year career at USC, he published more than 150 journal articles, lectured extensively both nationally and internationally. He is the author of the critically acclaimed book,“The New Science of Overcoming Arthritis”. Dr. Vangsness specializes in the conservative and operative treatment of sports injuries and is recognized as a leader in the field of sports medicine. In addition, he performs cutting-edge research in stem cell and exosome therapy. He has taught hundreds of medical students, residents and fellows.


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