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C. Thomas Vangsness, Jr., M.D.


Dislocated Shoulder Treatment in Los Angeles, CA

Every year, Dr. Thomas Vangsness treats people with dislocated shoulder injuries. The shoulder can become dislocated due to a variety of traumatic Shoulder Dislocation Treatment, Los Angeles, CAcircumstances. Dislocated shoulder injuries are common among athletes and people who work with their hands above their heads such as baseball pitchers, tennis players and construction workers. When the shoulder becomes dislocated, the head of the humerus comes out of its socket. A subluxation is when the head of the humerus partially slides out of the socket and slides back in without completely dislocating. Both of these unfortunate injuries can cause the ligaments, capsule and labrum to become injured, creating instability and pain.

Immediately following a dislocated shoulder injury, Dr. Vangsness strongly recommends conservative non-operative treatment, including physical therapy to strengthen the muscles of the rotator cuff. If there are multiple dislocations or subluxations after the initial injury, Dr. Vangsness may suggest surgery to repair or tighten the capsule and ligaments that help hold the shoulder in place. Surgery for a dislocated shoulder is performed with a miniature lighted telescope (called an arthroscope), introducing small instruments into the shoulder joint through hollow cannulas. Dr. Vangsness will then insert miniature screws with attached sutures precisely into the socket edge of the shoulder, and proceed to reattach the torn ligaments and labrum to the socket. For personalized patient care and experience you can trust, come see Dr. Thomas Vangsness for dislocated shoulder injuries.

For more information about treatment for a dislocated shoulder, contact Dr. Thomas Vangsness at his Los Angeles practice by calling (323) 442-5800.

Cartilage Repair Surgery in Los Angeles, CA

Arthritis Treatment in Los Angeles, CASpecializing in cartilage repair surgery, Dr. Thomas Vangsness is a leading orthopaedic surgeon in Los Angeles. Articular cartilage covers the ends of bones, providing both support and mobility to joints. As the articular cartilage surface breaks down and degenerates in a joint, it can often cause pain, stiffness and swelling, leading to arthritis and long-term limited movement. This is most commonly found in the hands and knees, with some 30+ million Americans affected. Dr. Vangsness offers state-of-the-art cartilage repair surgery incorporating the following treatment options: simple arthroscopic debridement, microfracture technique, Mosiacplasty/OATS Procedure, and Allograft Transplantation.

To help you rebuild strength and mobility, Dr. Vangsness performs cartilage repair surgery. Depending on the severity of your condition, localized defects in the cartilage can sometimes be treated with different surgeries to fill this defect in the knee. When joint surfaces become damaged, they continue to wear down and become more injured over time. Cartilage repair surgery can help relieve pain and will help protect the joint over time to slow down the progressive destruction of the joint surface. Dr. Vangsness prefers to provide a biologic surgical alternative to the damaged cartilage surface to help prolong mobility and reduce pain. For experience and results you can trust, discover the difference Dr. Vangsness can make for you.

If you are suffering from arthritis and want to learn more about cartilage repair surgery, please contact Dr. Thomas Vangsness by calling his Los Angeles practice at (323) 442-5800.