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C. Thomas Vangsness, Jr., M.D.


Summary of Recent Publication “Parylene Scaffold for Cartilage Lesion”

Recent research performed by Carlos Eduardo da Silveira Franciozi, Dr. Vangsness, and colleagues identifies a potential new way of treating cartilage injuries. This study, published in April 2017 by the bimonthly scientific journal Biomedical Microdevices, presents their findings. Background Injury to joint cartilage can result in pain, disability, joint degeneration, and arthritis. Current surgical treatments […]

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Summary of Recent Publication “The Placenta: Applications in Orthopaedic Sports Medicine”

Orthopaedic surgeon Dr. C. Thomas Vangsness, Jr., places a high priority on identifying new and better methods of treatment in his field. Recently, Dr. Vangsness and colleagues published an article in American Journal of Sports Medicine in which they investigated the therapeutic potential for the use of placental tissue in orthopaedic sports medicine. Background Interest […]

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What Is a Meniscus Tear?

The meniscus is comprised of two wedges of cartilage (the medial and lateral meniscus), and it cushions the knee joint where the leg bones meet. Your meniscus acts as a shock absorber, allowing the knee to move smoothly. Damage to the meniscus is commonly seen in athletes with twisting injuries. A tear in the meniscus […]

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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet-Rich Plasma is a product that is believed to have very strong anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have shown that PRP is most effective at treating tendonitis, including Achilles tendonitis, lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow), and medial epicondylitis (golfer’s elbow). PRP has also seen some scientific success treating knee arthritis. There are several commercial devices that create different PRP mixtures, but the basic […]

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Placenta-Derived Products

Numerous products exist that utilize placental tissue that would be otherwise discarded. These products are primarily delivered via injection. Placenta-derived tissues include: the amniotic membrane, the chorionic membrane, the amniotic fluid, the umbilical cord, and the blood from the umbilical cord. Placenta-derived products are composed of one or more of these tissue types and/or the matrix secreted by any of […]

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Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate (BMA/BMAC)

Bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMA/BMAC) is perhaps the most popular “stem cell injection” available today. The treatment involves injecting the patient’s own bone marrow cells into the injured area with the hope that it will help regrow tissue or reduce inflammation. The procedure involves two steps: (1) patients are lightly anesthetized and bone marrow is removed through a needle from […]

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Choosing an Orthopedic Surgeon

When joint problems escalate to the point of needing special treatment, it is time to research orthopedic surgeons. As you consider your treatment options, it is important to choose an orthopedic surgeon who can accurately meet your needs. To ensure that you make the best choice, identify your needs, do your research, and ask the […]

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Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Injections

These injections are used to treat knee osteoarthritis. Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in your body as a part of healthy synovial fluid (the substance that lubricates joints). Injecting HA into the knees of patients with osteoarthritis is thought to help lubricate the joint, which reduces catching and grinding. Research suggests that HA injections may also help reduce inflammation. Treatment […]

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