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Rotator Cuff Surgery, Los Angeles, CA

What is the rotator cuff?

The rotator cuff is an essential part of any individual’s body and is responsible for movement and rotation within the shoulder. Because it controls the lifting that a patient can do with his or her shoulder, it is necessary for patients to regain control of it after an injury.

Causes of Rotator Cuff Injuries

Rotator Cuff Surgery, Los Angeles, CAUsually occurring in patients over the age of 50, a tear in the rotator cuff can be a common cause of pain from a fracture or dislocation. The rotator cuff can also become torn doing repetitive over-head work and activities in patients, such as:

  • Construction workers
  • Painters
  • Tennis players
  • Baseball or softball pitchers

How will rotator cuff surgery benefit me?

For patients with a rotator cuff injury, surgery will benefit them immensely. By repairing the tear by smoothing it out or sowing it back together, Dr. Vangsness is able to set the tendon in place in order for it to heal properly for future stability and movement.

Rotator Cuff Surgery

Through rotator cuff surgery, C. Thomas Vangsness, M.D., who is board certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery (ABOS), will help you get back to actively using your shoulder again.

When the surgery is complete, the patient’s arm will be placed in a sling and pillow so that the site of the surgery can heal correctly. After the shoulder begins to heal, the patient will also be set up with a physical therapist so that he or she can begin to build back strength in the shoulder. Following six to eight weeks after the surgery, the patient should be able to use the repaired muscles with greater activity.

In addition, if you are suffering from a sudden fracture, dislocation, or shoulder bursitis, Los Angeles orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Vangsness can meet with you to discuss the best route to go.

To see our rotator cuff surgery expert, Dr. Thomas Vangsness, please feel free to contact us at (323) 442-5860. Call us today to schedule your consultation.